date_range 17 - 19 MAR

11th Annual Taiwan Tattoo Convention

room International Convention Center Kaohsiung

directions 274, Zhongzheng 4th Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung, Southern Taiwan



Taiwan Tattoo Convention 2023

Taiwan Kaohsiung International Tattoo Exhibition was Founded in 2010~

Every spring, more than 300 outstanding tattoo artists from all over the world gather in Kaohsiung. Not only are there different models of participating models, guests, tattoo services, piercings and nails, static exhibitions, the world’s top tattoo competitions, graffiti creation, and heavy machine super. Run, live tattoo creation! There are also many groups of popular dancers on the Internet and well-known hot girl dance groups in China! You can enter the venue repeatedly on the same day with one ticket, the all-weather programs are different, and there is a wonderful tattoo contest! Among them, of course, we are most looking forward to the overall championship and the best award of the conference! And tattoo fans~ The conference also recruited the world’s top professional tattoo equipment suppliers for you and provided the best exhibition prices during the exhibition period!

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